Seeds - Yellow Brainstrain

Seeds - Yellow Brainstrain

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ULTRA HOT - 800k - 1.0M SHU

Native Region: United States of America (North Carolina)

This is a variant (yellow) of a cultivar was developed by North Carolina grower David Cappiello. Like it's original red sibling, it an amazing flavor - if you can take the heat. Taste is a subjective thing, of course, but among pepper-heads the general consensus is yellow varieties have a better taste, with slightly less heat. 

Days to germinate: 7-15

Days to maturity: 120+

Sow indoors 12-16 weeks prior to transplant after all risk of frost has passed. Plants grow 4-6' tall and just as wide so care must be taken on plant spacing. Sun scald is likely if pods develop prior to canopy set. Heavy producer late season.

Open Pollinated

10+ seeds per pack