Seeds - Pimiento Cristal

Seeds - Pimiento Cristal

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Native Region: Spain

This Spanish pepper is prized in Europe for a great taste, used for frying and pickling. Sweet, with no heat.

Germination ~10 days, start indoors 8-10 weeks prior to transplant after all danger of frost has passed. Days to maturity: approx 90. These plants grow compact bushes, space 1.5 feet apart in rows 3 feet apart. Care must be taken to not leave the pods on the plant until they are over-ripe as spoilage on the plant will occur. Birds and field mice are especially attracted to these tasty peppers and that may be an issue. These peppers are heavy feeders nutrient-wise during pod growth and may require more calcium than other annuums to avoid blossom end rot. Plants may require some support to avoid pod contact with the soil, which will cause rapid rot of pods. Subject to sun scald on early fruit before canopy is set, shade cloth can mitigate until a full canopy develops. 

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10 seeds per pack