Seeds - Farmers Jalapeno

Seeds - Farmers Jalapeno

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Native Region: United States of America

Also known as the Potato Jalapeno, this unique variety of Jalapeno pepper was discovered by John Fiedler from Bangor, Maine, at a farmer’s market, then cultivated and spread by Christopher Phillips of Sterling Heights, MI. It has a very unique crackled skin, sweet, super-fleshy pod, and extremely mild heat. Perfect for poppers, as batter sticks well to the earthy, rooty-looking skin. 

These are listed as a capcisum baccatum as they exhibit the classic "fur" inherent to baccatum species plants. However, Jalapenos are an annuum, so this can be assumed to be a baccatum / annuum hybrid of unknown type. 

These peppers germinate in 7-10 days and reach maturity in ~90 days. Plants are short (2-3') and compact, space 1.5 feet interplant and 3 feet interrow. Produces reliably mid to late season, 40+ pods per plant.

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20+ seeds per pack