Pasture Raised Turkey 20-22+ lb

Pasture Raised Turkey 20-22+ lb

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Our broad-breasted turkeys are pasture raised in small batches at our home organic farm, at low density, and fed exclusively certified organic feed to supplement their grazing. While not certified organic (there are no certified organic processors anywhere near us), these birds are processed as humanely as possible by Central IL Poultry Processing in the heart of Amish country in Arthur, Illinois, and USDA inspected.

The cost of pasture raising turkeys on certified organic non-gmo feed is incredibly high; so the price we must ask for is also high. You can rest assured that these birds have been treated with the utmost respect and attention at all times during their life from the day-old poults to the day I handed them off to the Amish gentleman on the day of processing. 

I took these turkeys for frequent walks down the pasture so they would get some exercise - they greet me and my family at the gate and follow us around - and made sure they were content and relaxed as possible their entire lives. At night my family would gently herd the turkeys in to open air screened enclosures to protect them from predators overnight. They were raised open air at all times; once they were large enough to fend for themselves from night-time hunting owls, they slept outdoors in the tall grasses on clear nights, and only took themselves in to the enclosures during heavy rains or storms. 

We took 60 in for processing, and kept 15 hens for egg production, from the first batch. Another batch will be processed November 4th for Thanksgiving turkeys. 

Taking these turkeys in to processing was one of the most difficult things I have done as a farmer; but also an enlightening learning experience on the nature of existence; and the very real challenges for humanely raising and caring for livestock in a way which lets them live as they should; foraging, pecking, scratching, taking dust baths, and companionship. 

Our food only passes through grocery stores; it comes from farms. By purchasing direct from our farm, livestock raised with gentle care by this Buddhist farmer, on our own land, you are supporting humane sourcing of our food and not inhumane factory production where birds never see the light of day; or able to even walk freely about. 

We hope you enjoy the quality of the meat, and honor these gentle creatures who lived wonderful lives as much as we do.