Carolina Reaper (1/4 lb)

Carolina Reaper (1/4 lb)

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ULTRA HOT - 1,500,000+ SHU

Native Region: United States of America (South Carolina)

This cultivar was created by "Smokin!" Ed Currie of Puckerbutt Pepper company in South Carolina. It is the current world record holder for Guinness Book of World Records "Hottest Pepper." 

You cannot begin to appreciate the level of heat these deliver until you try one for yourself for the first time. USE WITH CAUTION. 

More information about this amazing pepper, sauces, seeds, and merchandise can be found at the online store for PuckerButt Pepper Company. 

NOTE: These peppers were intentionally grown flanked by sweet peppers in open pollination so the next generation will not grow true (Peppers cross pollinate and it affects the next generation of seeds, but not the current pod phenotype.) Don't bother trying to save and use our seeds. Support your seed provider directly - go get your seeds from Ed Curry, the man himself, at Puckerbutt!

Price per QUARTER POUND.  

Fresh Produce! SEASONAL AVAILABILITY (late August - October)