Seeds - TFM Scotch Bonnet

Seeds - TFM Scotch Bonnet

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HOT - 300k SHU

Native Region: Caribbean 

This pepper variety was reportedly first discovered at the Trenton, New Jersey Farmer’s Market, which has many native Caribbean vendors. Once discovered the Scotch Bonnet became very popular among American chili-heads, renowned for both its sweet taste and extreme heat. Use sparingly in sauces and chili. (Or not so sparingly, if you're like me.)

Days to germination: 7-15

Days to maturity: 140+

Plants grow very, very large, 6+ feet tall, 6+ feet wide. TFM scotch bonnets tried to (and succeeded in) crowding out neighboring rows in 2018. VERY heavy pod population. These averaged quite a bit larger than MOA scotch bonnets and the taste was comparably awesome. We did take some wind damage on these plants during a thunderstorm in 2018 so would be wise to stake them as they get past the 3' tall mark - with something sturdy, like a 2x4...

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10 seeds per pack