Seeds - Brown Bhut Jolokia

Seeds - Brown Bhut Jolokia

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USDA Certified Organic

ULTRA HOT - 1.5+ million SHU

Native Region: Unknown (hybrid)

Before the farm, was the garden. And in the garden, I first grew this variety back in 2012, with seeds obtained from Judy at Pepperlover. This prodigiously-pod-laden plant grows large and bushy, producing 3+", gnarly looking brown pods of pain. 

While not consistently brutal (some pods are "only" diabolically ultra-hot), you'll get the occasional plant that just throws the most wickedly hot pods you've ever had the displeasure of consuming. They DRIP with pure capsaicin oil when opened. 

Flavor? When you eat these flavor is the very last thing on your mind. I'm sure there is a flavor. Somewhere. But when your mouth immediately goes numb on the first bite you know you are in for a very, very bad ride. Once the initial numbness goes away, sweat begins to pour, vision begins to swim, EVERYTHING burns. Cheeks, gums, tongue, throat, lips. It's intense and DOES NOT let up for a good 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile your esophagus burns, stomach cramps start... you get the picture, things go downhill from there. 

These pods are probably best saved for the hottest of hot sauces; diluting them somewhat is the only way to really get the flavor out, due to the mouth numbing properties of full strength mature pods, it is difficult to discern flavor eating them raw. 

These are slow germinating (13-19 days on warming mats) and long to maturity (160+ days). Start indoors 14-16 weeks before transplanting after last risk of frost. Plant spacing 2 feet intraplant, 6 feet intra row spacing. Plants get quite bushy and can grow 5+ feet tall. Leave pods on plant after color change to build the most heat. Pods hold on the plant very well without rot. 

Open Pollinated

10+ seeds per pack