Seeds - Biker BIlly Jalapeno
Seeds - Biker BIlly Jalapeno

Seeds - Biker BIlly Jalapeno

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Native Region: United States of America 

This Jalapeno variety was cultivated by Bill Hufnagle, vegetarian Harley rider and six-year host of the public access television series “Cooking with Fire.” This variety, which is hotter than most US cultivars, also grows twice as large as a standard Jalapeno and is great for poppers!

Start indoors 8-10 weeks prior to transplant after all risk of frost has passed. These compact, bushy plants grow to approx 2' tall and are heavy producers. Pods have longevity on the plant, can be harvested green or red, do not expect heavy crackling as is common with other Jalapenos. Heat builds as the pod matures, turning slightly sweet-sour when transitioning to red. For optimal heat and flavor, harvest at the first blush of red transition. Plant spacing 1.5 foot on rows 3' centered. Expect heavy harvests every 2 weeks during late season - 1+ bushel every other week per 100' row.

NOTE: This variety of pepper is predisposed to genetic diversity. We experienced about 30% growing off-pheno during the 2018 grow, so expect some nonstandard types to emerge. Our 2018 Biker Billy rows were flanked by Aleppo on the north side, and Yellow Fatalli on the south, so some crosses are possible. 

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