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Seeds - Halaby

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Native Region: Syria, Turkey

Also known as Aleppo pepper; the spice produced is known as pul biber in Turkey, or haleb biber in Armenia. It is traditionally semi-dried with salt, course ground, and used in Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. Fruity flavor with a kick.

While peppers can be used raw or in cooked dishes, these are traditionally semi-dried with salt - but we've found they make *excellent* powders, especially when smoked. However, unless you are in a desert, you will need to rapidly dehydrate to keep pods from rotting. Immediately after harvest, slice and dehydrate (or smoke) for 16-24 hours for salt mix, or more if you wish to produce powder, in a tray dehydrator or cold smoker at a low temperature (110F or below) to maintain best flavor. Pods do not keep long unless humidity is high (stores only for 5-7 days at 65F @ 90% humidity).

These prodigious, compact plants grow to 2.5-3 feet tall, and produce heavily all season long. Careful attention must be paid at harvest as the meaty flesh can be prone to rotting if left on the plant too long. Plants may require more calcium than other Annuums to prevent blossom end rot. May be more susceptible to fusarium wilt than most annuums, recommend mycorrhizae inoculation during seedling growth to help protect the plant from invasive fungus. 

Fast germination (5-7 days), start indoors 8-10 weeks prior to transplant after risk of frost has fully passed. Heavy nutrient requirement during production, these plants will load up with pods! 

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