Live Plant - Bahamian Goat
Live Plant - Bahamian Goat
Live Plant - Bahamian Goat

Live Plant - Bahamian Goat

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USDA Certified Organic

Bahamian Goat

Our c. chinense and c. baccatum tranpslants are grown indoors starting in January, potted up to 4" pots in mycorrhizae treated organic potting soil in February. In late March / Early April, they are brought out to the greenhouse to begin sun hardening. By the time they are boxed and shipped in early May, plants are well developed, sun hardened, and ready to transplant out as soon as your local temps are warm enough (check your local last frost date).

Photos are of actual transplant stock we can safely ship starting May 9 after threat of frost in our area has passed. 

Our transplants might be a little more expensive than others, but you get sun hardened, robust, premium USDA certified organic planting stock in large 4" pots which has been lovingly tended to for nearly 5 months, which will give you an incredibly head start on your garden. 

Note: For boxing purposes and for safe shipping all live plants must be ordered in batches of 6 plants. Feel free to mix and match types but make sure your total order is a multiple of 6! Orders with quantities other than a multiple of 6 plants will be cancelled. 

No international shipping.