Habanero (1 lb)
Habanero (1 lb)

Habanero (1 lb)

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HOT - 150k-350k SHU

Native Region: Amazon Rain Forest (Peru)

The venerable Habanero, cultivated as a crop for over 8,000 years based on archaeological finds, became globally popular when spread by Spanish explorers; it was later mistaken to be from China in origin. In fact, the entire species of pepper plant (c. chinense; "chinese pepper") was mistakenly named thinking the pepper was Chinese in origin. It wasn't until later that archaeological findings showed it's true origin deep in the Amazon rainforest!

We won't go in to great detail on preparation, as this pepper is so wildly popular everyone in America should be familiar with it by now. It is a very versatile pepper for cuisine, used widely in sauces, and extremely tasty!


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